Water-resistant wall and ceiling cladding for bathrooms and kitchens

Dumapan is our standard range of PVC waterproof wall and ceiling panels. Dumapan panels can be used as sustainable wall and ceiling cladding mainly in wet rooms because of their water-resistant properties. The panels will neither delaminate nor absorb water, which makes them ideal ceiling and wall panels for use in bathrooms and kitchens. Dumapan can also be used in all other indoor rooms.


The printed panels are waterproof, colour fast and sustainable. Contrary to wood products these panels do not warp, crack or delaminate. Occasional cleaning with soap and water is sufficient to retain the new look and feel.

Benefits of Dumapan ceiling and wall panels


Dumapan panels are quick and easy to install. There are various widths available (25 cm and 37.5 cm) with a length of 2.6 m. The panels can be easily installed with a tongue-and-groove system, either seamlessly or with a small V-groove.


For use throughout the house, for walls and ceilings. A few colours are available with a length of 4 m for use on ceilings to bridge greater lengths. We also recommend Dumaclip for ceilings.


Dumaplast offers a 10-year guarantee, which is longer than similar products on the market. More info can be found in the guarantee file.


Dumapan wall panels are 100% recyclable and sustainable.
gypsum board Dumapan
fast and easy installation
clean work
washable ()
waterproof (*)
no paint needed after installation
no grouting needed after installation
easy maintenance
light material

* Exposure to water

Note: some Dumapan panels are lined with foil and must not be continuously exposed to direct contact with water. However, they can be used in wet rooms, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Carefully read the insert in the package.