Stylish PVC outside wall cladding

Dumaclin is PVC outside wall cladding with a revolutionary click system. Contrary to other sidings and laths, the Dumaclin cladding boards have a “hidden click” system that makes the use of connectors superfluous and provides a very nice finish.
Dumaclin outside wall cladding is available in short boards (240 cm) which makes for easy transport and installation.

The cladding requires virtually no aftercare and can withstand all types of weather and impacts because of the hard surface finish.


Our unique click system with “hidden click” guarantees fast installation and a stunning result! Any length can be bridged. Your beautiful façade will have no unsightly connectors between the boards.

Benefits of Dumaclin outside wall cladding


Our boards have a realistic, matt finish and have a better UV-resistance to ensure the colours are retained for a much longer period. The matt coating also provides a stylish look.


Our short boards (2.40 m) are less heavy and can be easily transported. Thanks to the unique hidden click, all transitions are perfectly finished. Their short length makes the boards much easier to install.


The hard finishing surface absorbs nothing which is why Dumaclin requires virtually no aftercare and always looks like new.


The boards can withstand all types of weather and impacts. Dumaclin is sturdy!
18,5 cm
240 cm
0,6 cm
6 x
2,66 m2

3 colours

solid cream

solid grey

solid white
wooden siding other plastic siding Dumaclin
no transition pieces, connectable panels
waterproof and weatherproof
matt finish
maintenance friendly
one finishing trim
short lengths, easy to handle
UV and weatherproof
light material ()
no paint or protection needed after installation ()

Multifunctional finishing profile

All Dumaclin products can be quickly and easily installed with a single finishing profile! This multifunctional profile ensures perfectly finished outside corners, inside corners, and edges. Super convenient! For added ease of use, an extra start profile is available.