Dumafloor – water resistant laminate floor – waterproof flooring


Dumafloor is a range of 100% waterproof floors that can easily handle the most extreme humidity. The moisture-resistant floors are made of high quality materials (plastic resins) with a scratch-resistant top layer.  As the base material is not wood, the floor will not swell or deform under the influence of water.

You find the main advantages listed below. All info on our website www.dumafloor.com 

100% WATERPROOF - Since we do not use any wood in the production of our flooring, we can guarantee a certified 0% swelling of our board. Just think of your toothbrush… Does that swell under the effect of water?

EXTRA STRONG - The Dumafloor base plate is hard and able to withstand damage caused by a falling object. Therefore, the planks can be installed on any existing hard substrate.

UNDERLAY OPTIONAL - If desired, minor irregularities in the floor can be perfectly eliminated by installing our underlay, but the planks can just as well be installed directly on an existing hard floor.

DIMENSIONALLY STABLE - irregularities in the existing hard substrate are not visible through our floors. Old tile joints or craters, for example, will not be noticeable.  

CLICK & FIX - The hard base plate results in a click system with a significantly higher tensile strength as compared to similar products, even at high temperatures.

PLEASANT WALKING SOUND - The unique combination of core material and top layer of the plank greatly absorbs the walking sound, resulting in pleasant walking comfort and limited reverberation in the room.

LESS RISK OF DAMAGE - Dumafloor is also much less susceptible to damage to its click system during installation or transport.

IDEAL FOR RENOVATION – Dumafloor is only 5.5 mm thick, making it perfectly suitable for a renovation project on an existing hard floor.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Unlike traditional laminate flooring, our product does not contain formaldehyde. Our product is recyclable. Read all about the environment below.

You can also find more information on our separate product site www.dumafloor.com


If you have any other questions, then do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly help you further.